Friday, June 29, 2012

Open Secret

I've been wearing this Open Secret dress by PF Collection to 'death' since I've gotten it and because dark blue is such an easy colour to match, I've been playing around with colours, matching belts, shoes and bags of different colour palettes with it. Today, I was in the mood for yellow, (partly because I just got the neon yellow ring and belt :p) and decided to wear them with this piece. How lucky for us to spot a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, red no less, that matched my bag! My favourite part of the dress is the open back that shows just the right amount of skin for me to feel sexy, but not skanky! 

Have a lovely weekend you all!

P/S Awesome new arrivals will be hitting the store this Sunday at 2PM. See you! 

xoxo, jeneen

(Pink Flare Open Secret Dress, Massimo Dutti belt, Bimba & Lola ring, gifted Tocco Tenero bag and gifted yellow heels from a fashionista Aunty) 

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