Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bag candy: some bags that you might want to get your clutches on

What perfect way to spend the extra cash floating around (thanks, CNY) than invest in a good clutch? Don't worry, there are pretty good ones out there that transition well from day to night, as we all know that some clutches lack a certain versatility. 

Asides from making the dreamiest dresses, Valentino's rockstud shoes and bags have captured the hearts of many a lady. This one here is no exception, and the studs adds an edge to your outfit no less.

A personal favourite of ours; the Balenciaga Clip M. This is actually a clutch Balenciaga has for the men, but what's stopping us ladies from using it right? A lower key version of the Classic Envelope Clutch, we think that this is more user friendly and the price is definitely more wallet friendly as well. 

It also comes in a fire engine red that is sure to pack a punch.

We dare say that the Acne Studios Vanessa Clutch would be one of the rare few hard case clutches that do not look misplaced in the day. Chalk it up to the bold block letter printing positioned unabashedly across the front, or the fact that it is reminiscent of a lunch box, the Vanessa clutch is definitely not confined to being brought out for nights out only. 

Get out there and invest in a good clutch ladies, one that will serve you well from day to night.