Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lookbook: Cocktail Night

Cocktail night? Take a cue from our chic and shimmery ensemble: A gorgeous flirty dress, killer heels, signature accessories and red pouty lips are all you need for a rockin' night out!

We think that our PF Premium Two-Sided Affair dress fits the bill of a gorgeous flirty dress perfectly! ;) 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Open Secret

I've been wearing this Open Secret dress by PF Collection to 'death' since I've gotten it and because dark blue is such an easy colour to match, I've been playing around with colours, matching belts, shoes and bags of different colour palettes with it. Today, I was in the mood for yellow, (partly because I just got the neon yellow ring and belt :p) and decided to wear them with this piece. How lucky for us to spot a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, red no less, that matched my bag! My favourite part of the dress is the open back that shows just the right amount of skin for me to feel sexy, but not skanky! 

Have a lovely weekend you all!

P/S Awesome new arrivals will be hitting the store this Sunday at 2PM. See you! 

xoxo, jeneen

(Pink Flare Open Secret Dress, Massimo Dutti belt, Bimba & Lola ring, gifted Tocco Tenero bag and gifted yellow heels from a fashionista Aunty) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lookbook: Tea Party With The Girlfriends

Meeting your girlfriends for brunch or afternoon tea? Take a cue from our lookbook and put together for yourself a dainty and girly style perfect to match those sugary sweet macaroons and delicious cakes!

The must-haves: sweet girly dress (PF's Meet The Parents Dress fits the bill perfectly!), demure ballet flats, quirky trinket jewellery, a spritz of light floral scent and a dab of sweet pink lip gloss. :) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

PF's Featured Blogger

This month, we've got blogger Hayley Woo pick a couple of her favourites from our store. This sweetie-pie blogs about fashion, beauty, K-Pop and all things 'kawaii'. We love her sweet style and her doll-like face! :) 

Lace Case Dress (Currently sold out. Sorry!)

Tangy Pop Playsuit

She also got a piece of our Coco Blazer. We can't wait to see how she styles it. Read her post HERE and find out more about our Featured Blogger's Programme HERE. 

P/S She's got a lovely giveaway from our store for you on her blog too! 

Monday, June 4, 2012


I wore the ripple dress under a shirt for a night out to celebrate my boy and a friend's birthday. It was my first time wearing the dress and before experimenting with layering, I wasn't feeling quite confident to take it out because of its rather tight fit. Now that I've played around with layering, I'm absolutely loving this dress and can't wait to take the same design out in black out too. I'm thinking of layering crop singlets over that black piece and I think I've got just the right piece in my closet for that. 

I hope this post has given you some ideas on layering. Try putting shirts, cropped singlets or sleeveless blouses over dresses for a different look! :) 


(Massimo Dutti silk shirt, Pink Flare Ripple dress, Pedder Red wedges, YSL ring, Tocco Tenero Beappe bag

Monday, May 7, 2012

PF on Pillow Talk

Did you guys watch 'Pillow Talk' (再见单人床) on Mediacorp Channel 8? If you have, you may have noticed that Joanne Peh's character, Zhang Qiuxue wore quite a couple of pieces from Pink Flare in the show! We managed to grab some screenshots:

Dolled Up Top
Dolled Up Top
Melt Into You Playsuit
Melt Into You Playsuit
PF Collection Play Date Playsuit
PF Collection Play Date Playsuit
PF Collection Play Date Playsuit
PF Collection Play Date Playsuit (Purple)
PF Collection Secret Starlet Dress (Blue)
PF Collection Secret Starlet Dress (Blue)
Summer Swag Top
Summer Swag Top
White Out Tunic
White Out Tunic
The Play Date Playsuit and Secret Starlet dress is still available, and you can get it here.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wild Rose

Took the wild rose tunic out for a dear friend's birthday celebration. Paired with a pair of tailored shorts, it was the most comfortable outfit for a steamboat dinner and relaxed evening of chattering and playing with dogs. How cute are those two sleeping with each other! 

(Pink Flare Wild Rose Tunic, Tailored Shorts from Korea, Miu Miu Bag, AM Sunglasses, Pedder Red Wedges)

xoxo, jeneen

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To Wear The Peplum

Came across these articles about the Peplum trend and seeing that we've got quite a few peplum pieces in store and that quite a few of you have bought them, we're sharing these tips with you. Hope they come in handy! :)

"The Peplum Top: You have two option: cigarette pants to offset the girlishness or a pencil skirt to sex it up. Either way, they have to balance out the flouncy volume." 

Think sleek ladies! We think that skinny jeans will do just as well too. 

Don't forget the statement necklace!

Here's Olivia Palermo carrying off the trend nicely. 

Stylist Nicole Chavez says:

"Peplums can be incredibly flattering—if you get the proportion right! I have one rule for wearing them: make sure the peplum's flare starts at the thinnest part of the waist and ends at the hipbone. Since you have your top, let's focus on finding the right things to pair it with. Your peplum top already has volume and structure, so it's best to wear it with simple pieces that have clean lines. One option is to go for a pencil skirt; black or gray are obvious choices, but you should also consider brighter hues like bright green, turqoise or electric blue. Streamlined shorts would also work; a cute pale khaki pair, or you could go for a high-waisted style in blue or black. Pants are, of course, appropriate too, and would balance the peplum's feminine flair nicely. You can't go wrong with black skinnies, but any simple, slim style will work. One last thing to note: if you're trying to lengthen your body, make sure you opt for a monochromatic outfit. It's just more flattering!

Now that you know how to work the peplum, go wild with some of these!

Source: Her World, Who What Wear

Monday, April 16, 2012

PF's Style Crush: Kate Bosworth

Always a class act, we are majorly crushing on the gorgeous Kate Bosworth. She makes clothes look even better off the runway and always manages to look effortlessly natural and simple, yet majorly chic and feminine at the same time. These are some of her looks that we love:   

Wearing Valentino

Wearing Topshop

Wearing Proenza Schouler

Wearing Rodarte

Wearing Bally

Wearing Rag & Bone

Casual Looks

Kate moves effortlessly from glamorous red carpet gowns to cool, understated street styles. We absolutely want to steal her wardrobe! Denim, dresses, tailored shorts...the pieces that she wear are easily attained, but for some reason, she manages to make them look so fantastic together!


Seldom looking over the top, we love her natural beauty look and especially dig her eyebrows. Notice how it has changed from the 2nd picture to the brows just below. Grown much fuller, we're wishing our brows would grow back too.:(

Our style crush posts always get the most hits on our blog. We hope you've enjoyed this installment just as much. Have a lovely week ahead!