Saturday, December 17, 2011

#Secret Starlet Dress

Hey girls!

A new piece [made lovingly for you] by Pink Flare will be hitting the store soon! #Secret Starlet dress is a twist from the #Ever After piece that was really popular and sold out in a flash when it was launched. We had lots of requests to bring it back, so here we are, with this piece in 3 gorgeous colours. We've reinvented the design a little such as the neckline, waistline details and such, but have kept the design of the ribbon-tie low back that everyone loved. 

We're expecting the dresses to arrive early next week, so here are some pictures to sneak a peek first! :) 

#Secret Starlet dress in cream.

#Secret Starlet dress in navy blue.

#Secret Starlet dress in blush pink. 

We're thinking it's a great piece to wear and herald the New Year in with a bang. Which colour would you pick? :) 

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