Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Behind The Scenes of a Pink Flare Studio Shoot

Shoes. Lots of it. We brought 9 pairs to the shoot this month. Sometimes, we go up to 20. A large part because I'm a shoe nut. It's best if we can find models my feet size... Then, we can really go crazy with the shoes because I have so many pairs of them! 

Clothes. Lots of it too, of course. We sometimes shoot up to 40 outfits in one session. Everyone gets really tired then, so we try not to be so harsh. It's great to put on all these outfits ,or to put them on the models - it's like playing dress up when you were young all over again. :) 

That's me! I need to look more glamorous on these things. Ditch the rubber bands round my wrists and loose that bushy hair knot yo! (I'm wearing the Midnight Prowl Playsuit, by the way.)

Group shot! Need to remember to snap a photo of the photographer next time. He's a dashing one! 

With the lovely model, Miranda. She's wearing the Sophie Eyelet Tunic Dress!

Lots of new awesome pieces have just hit the store today. Do check it out!

xoxo, jeneen.

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